Magic is the power of super natural forces sometimes referred to as illusion through space and time. Magic plays on our mind, leaving us trying to figure out how some impossible things can being possible. Leaving us confused and Mesmerized. 

Costume Includes: Bra, jewelled Panty, Tiara, Necklace, Bracelet, Leg Pieces


Magic Backline

Highwaist Panty $60
Wire Bra , A,B,C $125
Wire Bra, D And Up $150
Medium Feathered Collar $70
Medium Feathered Backpack $300
Feathered Mohawk Headpiece $130.00

Section Leaders: Makesi and Whitney
Contact Numbers: (718) 930-3805 or
Whitney Gittens (416) 389 - 9901
Email: makkandesigns@gmail.com
Payment: Paypal.me/makesiandrews 

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